An idea and theory for Twelve Forever show

Hey guys! I have a theory or some kind of idea to spice up the show!
What if a side from Party island was an another island?
Like a general representation of Reggie's fear, a totalitarian society in which every inhabitants in that island is mature and is brain washed by a villain, Butt Witch will be the main antagonist's apprentice or follower. A world where human or creature rights are abolished, and childish activities are illegal. A society where everyone has to follow rules, work, and die being forgotten. A place inspired by a dystopian novel like George Orwell 1984. Shane and Reggie would have to defeat the villain and free the inhabitants of that society. I feel like this would not only make it interesting, but also deep and memorable about the show.
This is just an idea, it's fine if you don't like it.