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Pilot Episode

"The Butt Witch" is an inhabitant of Party Island and an antagonist in Twelve Forever.

Description Edit

The Butt Witch's purpose on Party Island seems to be a constant attempt to force Reggie to accept that she must one day grow up and mature.

Appearance Edit

The Butt Witch has lime green skin, short lavender hair styled in a bob cut with a pair of horn-like curves on top of her head, and huge eyes with light magenta iris with white pupils.

She seems to wear a formfitting red suit with green stripes on her arms, (the same color as her skin), but then her suit also changes form along with her.

She also has a yellow belt with a round plaque on the left side.

In addition, the Butt Witch's face almost always has a wide manic smile, however when angry her teeth become fang-like and her eyes squint, without any presence of her iris.

Abilities Edit

As her name entails, the Butt Witch seems to have a knack for spell casting & concocting potions which she demonstrates in Pilot episode with her "baby juice" spell.

She also has the ability to change her form at will. In the pilot she demonstrated the ability to grow extra arms with little to no effort and the ability to shapeshift into a large, multi-armed dragon-esque form, with back spikes and long tail.

Trivia Edit

  • Butt Witch's shapely figure and deep voice are a direct reference to the confusing things about maturing and growing up. It is her maturity which signals her out as the main antagonist in Twelve Forever [1].
  • Creation of Butt Witch could either be intentional by Reggie in attempt to, in a way, defeat maturity, a demonstration showing it's better to be young and imaginative. Likewise, the Butt Witch could be a subconscious manifestation of Reggie's fear of growing up, becoming an adult and having to leave her fairy tales behind.
  • Butt Witch's real name is unknown though speculation leads some to believe her real name is Regina. This is thought to be her name because she resides in Reggie's subconscious and "Reggie" is a childish nickname for Regina.
  • Butt Witch uses female gender pronouns (for example, Big Deal address to her as "ma'am"). On question about her gender Julia Vickerman said, that she thinks of Butt Witch as gender fluid being [2].


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